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Position and climate

Lovran is located on the eastern coast of Istria, in the Bay of Kvarner. It is quartered at the foot of the greenest and most vegetation-rich mountain in the Adriatic, Mt Učka.

It is some 19 km distant from Croatia’s major port, Rijeka, 14 km from Matulji railway station, and 80 km from Pula Airport. It is ringed by high mountains to the north and west (Učka 1396 m, Snježnik 1605 m, Risnjak 1528 m), and to the south by the islands of Krk and Cres. Its position gives it exceptional protection from the winds. In the winter the most common wind is the bora, which blows from the north east, bringing clear, cold weather. The south wind, the sirocco, brings rain and humidity, while in summer the maestral from off the water brings a freshness that mitigates the humidity and heat.

The climate is classified as Mediterranean, with continental elements. The mean winter air temperature is 7°C, and the summer 22°C. The annual mean is 13.3°C. Sea temperatures range from a low of 9°C in the winter to a high of 26°C in August. Lovran has 2,230 hours of sun a year, and the average precipitation is 1,500 litres per square metre.

These particular microclimatic conditions have provided the conditions for Mediterranean vegetation and plants to flourish. Thus by the very shore there is an abundance of laurels, palms, magnolias, various kinds of evergreen shrubs, pubescent oak, pines and cypresses. Above Lovran, in the terraced gardens, cherries, grape vines and olives are very successful. In the deep, leached and acidic soils, forests of sweet chestnuts grow marvellously, producing the marrons Lovran is famed for. At heights above 800 metres grow beech, pine and holm oak forests. This abundance of vegetation and the high concentration of salt in the air (37.8 ‰) have resulted in the presence of a rich plant and marine aerosol in the air.

All these things make the climate of Lovran highly invigorating, and very favourable for health.


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